for Ensemble AKA (flute+saxophone+effect pedals) & electronics

// Ma is a piece by Kevin Gironnay, comprovised with Ensemble AKA.
After a written and fixed first part which brings the musicians to follow each other since they give each other cues, Ma puts Ensemble AKA (flute & saxophone, both with their own effect pedals) in a context of improvisation following a countdown program designed to shape their improvisation by creating tight synchronized musical moments.

// Ma is a japanese word that is putting a name to the space between things and people : therefore, the two members of AKA are invited to get out of their private setup of instrument and pedals. They are asked to interact with the other person’s pedals, affecting the sound treatments on their partner’s playing. Also, they are invited to put their microphone (embedded on their instrument) to pick up their partner’s instrument sound so it goes into their own effect pedals.
This creates a new kind of a musical and technical relationship in between two musicians.