DELETE Project

(with Iregular & Youtheatre) – Eastern Bloc (Montréal)

/ won the Grand Prize of Numix 2017
 / won a Numix prize in the category “Interactive experiential production” 2017
/ won the non-commercial interactive environment Boomerang prize 2017


In a world where the line between what’s real and what’s virtual has disappeared, what part of what makes us human do we want to keep? Through an interactive installation, DELETE will ask this question to its young audience.

Far from being a traditional play, DELETE immerses the 8-12 year old student in a live, site-specific, artistic experience. Beginning in the classroom, students will take part in an online platform prior to the date of the trip, filling out questions and completing online activities, all of which will help shape the experience itself. Every school will have a unique experience, as DELETE becomes an interactive installation that immerses students in the digital world, providing a whole new kind of artistic experience – one that speaks directly to these digital natives.

Room 1 : COLLECT


Room 3 : EMERGE

Room 4 : SELECT

Press : Infopress